Monday, October 6, 2008

exercise # 22 - Social Networking

I used to think Northshore Libraries website was very good but I can't believe whats actually out there in cyberspace.I like the 'static' appearance of our "whats on", "new books" and various other useful bits of information but I am a library enthusiast.

For "screen-agers" this may be seen as dull and outdated. They seem to respond more to 'cool' Myspace/Facebook applications complete with flashing lights, different colours, their own 'comment and blog space', youtube videos, flickr, podcasts, rss feeds etc.

If this digital world is what it takes to attract younger patrons to the library then this is a wonderful tool to encourage and to receive feedback from them - after all, this is the next generation of library users.

A whole new breed of cyberlibrarians will be needed to monitor the Myspace walls,answering queries, updating information etc. This change is inevitable.

PS: I did enjoy reading the authors' own blogs though!

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