Friday, July 3, 2009

Brilliant Bookshops...

I was very impressed when I visited "Borders" recently.The huge array of brand new books shouted at me to "Buy buy buy".The sheer volume of identical copies adds to the visual feast and was very appealing.

I love the way books are categorised in various sections, eg "cookery", "travel", "sport", "historical", etc which makes life very easy for browsing patrons.I would love to see this method adopted in public libraries (perhaps in smaller childrens libraries?) but it would be a nighmare for us librarians to shelve or to identify particular books.

I was also very impressed with their 'online access' computer, searching with both titles and authors. Searching for a book published in 1956 it informed me that I just need to place an order and they will source it for me!

In spite of these advantages, our public libraries with their range of new and old books nestling together is food for my soul.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Exercise # 23 - LAST ONE

I'm still feeling quite blogged down with all the blogging passwords, links and confusing manipulations of screens, tabs and applications. At one point I did think "blogger this, I'm giving up" but my dear workbloggers wouldn't let me! Thank you, with blogfelt gratitude.

The last few exercises were definitely the best but I'm still getting hot and bloggered.The information out there is mind-blogging and Generator was FANTASTIC.I'm still not too sure how to use various applications to their full potential eg: boing boing, technorati, flickr, mashups,, rss feeds, zoho and rollyo but will persevere and redo all the exercises again until I see the light.

I do understand that it was a 'self-discovery exercise' but having reached dangerous blood pressure levels a few times I wondered if it was really fair on us "cybersissies" with minimal guidance? While help was offered, a few snatched minutes or telephone calls wasn't the best way to deal with problems.I would have liked a brief demonstation beforehand on what each application can be used for.As a result I'm still a bit confused with all the passwords, having gone round in circles and forgetting where I had started. The instructions in Korean wasn't a great help either! Sometimes things did not seem to work as they should and I don't know if was just me, the application or a glitch in the internet.I couldn't figure out how other bloggers found sites and information- had that page in my computer fallen out perhaps? I felt as if I'd been given a beautifully illustrated book but not being able to read the text!

Time was also a big problem and I don't even work a full week! Congratulations to those who managed to fit it all in- I don't know how you managed.

Thank you for the opportunity though and I learned a lot from my fellow bloggers' blogs.I also learned how to (sort of) manipulate different screens, find and create links and being forced to "go out into cyberspace" via a fixed format without just stumbling around on my own.I can now use the Internet more effectively which will eventually help me provide a better service to library patrons. I admire the "help team" for trawling through all the blogs and doing their 'real' jobs inbetween. I'm blogging proud of us all!

Exercise # 21 - MySpace and Facebook

Bebo - Rotorua public bebo site was fantastic for younger patrons. This is a good way to introduce them to the wonders of the library world in a 'cool' way!

MySpace - I was amazed at the array of videos, tv series, news, music etc that was available as well as the very 'personal' stuff posted for the entire world to view.Not being very interested in anything on offer (statue mishap in church was very funny)and I tried to put in my own search item but nothing came up. is this only a passive site to view?

Facebook - Yes, I reluctantly gave in and joined Facebook.I am horrified at all the 'friends' I have accumulated via other friends.Perhaps in time I will become less of a ninny regarding my and others personal stuff but in the meantime am treading warily.It was quite exciting seeing Northshore Library staff there but only 5? Where are the others? and, Ramona, where is the "virtual pillow fight" facility please? That would come in handy!

I do have a friend who enjoys using Facebook to keep track of her childrens activities and their friends.

Monday, October 6, 2008

exercise # 22 - Social Networking

I used to think Northshore Libraries website was very good but I can't believe whats actually out there in cyberspace.I like the 'static' appearance of our "whats on", "new books" and various other useful bits of information but I am a library enthusiast.

For "screen-agers" this may be seen as dull and outdated. They seem to respond more to 'cool' Myspace/Facebook applications complete with flashing lights, different colours, their own 'comment and blog space', youtube videos, flickr, podcasts, rss feeds etc.

If this digital world is what it takes to attract younger patrons to the library then this is a wonderful tool to encourage and to receive feedback from them - after all, this is the next generation of library users.

A whole new breed of cyberlibrarians will be needed to monitor the Myspace walls,answering queries, updating information etc. This change is inevitable.

PS: I did enjoy reading the authors' own blogs though!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Exercise # 20 - ebooks

I loved the idea of Amazons 'Kindle' - being so portable, compact, battery run, no wires,fairly cheap (but not sure of the cost to load books onto it).Apparently it holds free Wikipedia, 200 books, 1000's of magazines and newspapers with the option to upload more when necessary.

The BEST thing I discovered about ebooks was that whilst reading the type one also has access to pictures, sound clips, video and animated graphics.I couldn't download any though to verify this.

Looking at Project Gutenberg I found "Taming of the Shrew" easy to find but couldn't download any of it. Perhaps I had to download other applications to view but ran out of time. This is something I definitely will be getting back to.

Loved Google Earth and You Tube - Can you imagine zooming into a part of the world and watching videos about that very location.

exercise # 19- podcast

Still a bit confused about this but potentially quite useful.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Exercise # 17 - Web 2.0

With so much to choose from this was quite difficult. I did enjoy Events which could then be broken down into Comedy, Family, Theatre, Festivals, etc.It told you what was going to happen, when and a little information about the event BUT it was all in America so Whats The Point? Is there a similar site in New Zealand?????

In a library setting this would be jolly useful to the community instead of having to put local items up on a physical noticeboard.

Check it out yourself: was useful too but again, only found books in America.