Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Exercise # 23 - LAST ONE

I'm still feeling quite blogged down with all the blogging passwords, links and confusing manipulations of screens, tabs and applications. At one point I did think "blogger this, I'm giving up" but my dear workbloggers wouldn't let me! Thank you, with blogfelt gratitude.

The last few exercises were definitely the best but I'm still getting hot and bloggered.The information out there is mind-blogging and Generator was FANTASTIC.I'm still not too sure how to use various applications to their full potential eg: boing boing, technorati, flickr, mashups, del.icio.us, rss feeds, zoho and rollyo but will persevere and redo all the exercises again until I see the light.

I do understand that it was a 'self-discovery exercise' but having reached dangerous blood pressure levels a few times I wondered if it was really fair on us "cybersissies" with minimal guidance? While help was offered, a few snatched minutes or telephone calls wasn't the best way to deal with problems.I would have liked a brief demonstation beforehand on what each application can be used for.As a result I'm still a bit confused with all the passwords, having gone round in circles and forgetting where I had started. The instructions in Korean wasn't a great help either! Sometimes things did not seem to work as they should and I don't know if was just me, the application or a glitch in the internet.I couldn't figure out how other bloggers found sites and information- had that page in my computer fallen out perhaps? I felt as if I'd been given a beautifully illustrated book but not being able to read the text!

Time was also a big problem and I don't even work a full week! Congratulations to those who managed to fit it all in- I don't know how you managed.

Thank you for the opportunity though and I learned a lot from my fellow bloggers' blogs.I also learned how to (sort of) manipulate different screens, find and create links and being forced to "go out into cyberspace" via a fixed format without just stumbling around on my own.I can now use the Internet more effectively which will eventually help me provide a better service to library patrons. I admire the "help team" for trawling through all the blogs and doing their 'real' jobs inbetween. I'm blogging proud of us all!

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NSL Learning 2.0 team said...

You should be very proud of your achievements - you have persevered and overcome hurdles to complete this programme.

You have produced a wonderful blog and we can see how you have gained in confidence and experience.

Now you can have a blogging good rest!