Friday, September 26, 2008

Exercise # 20 - ebooks

I loved the idea of Amazons 'Kindle' - being so portable, compact, battery run, no wires,fairly cheap (but not sure of the cost to load books onto it).Apparently it holds free Wikipedia, 200 books, 1000's of magazines and newspapers with the option to upload more when necessary.

The BEST thing I discovered about ebooks was that whilst reading the type one also has access to pictures, sound clips, video and animated graphics.I couldn't download any though to verify this.

Looking at Project Gutenberg I found "Taming of the Shrew" easy to find but couldn't download any of it. Perhaps I had to download other applications to view but ran out of time. This is something I definitely will be getting back to.

Loved Google Earth and You Tube - Can you imagine zooming into a part of the world and watching videos about that very location.

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