Thursday, July 31, 2008

Life's a Beach.......

...cake and waves- who could ask for more????

Flickr seems to be more user-friendly when the husband helps!

Dimly, I can see the exciting possibilities of this service but still treading warily. Once you get going it seems to make sense.I'm still a bit dubious though about putting my photos on the web even if marked "private". Flickr seems similar to Picassa which has the same privacy issues.

Friday, July 25, 2008

just practising.....

Consider your life

Do you enjoy what you do? If not, why? Life is too important to waste on things you don't like, people you don't want to be with and then spending time resenting this. Most people worry about stupid things without appreciating this beautiful country, nature all around and how precious those close to you are without you even realising this. Even random meetings with people on the beach, on the road, even in your place of work, can add value to your day if you embrace every encounter with an open mind and spirit. Don't waste time on the little things- look at the big picture and realise that we may only have one life- make the most of it!